SmokeLong publishes flash fiction up to 1000 words. We do not consider poetry or non-fiction.

Include a print-ready, third-person bio with your cover letter.

Please include no identifying information on your story’s document.

Please send ONE previously unpublished story at a time and wait until you hear our decision before sending another.

Please allow us up to four weeks to inform you if we have accepted  your work for publication. You will usually hear from us much sooner.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted. Please inform us immediately  if your work has been accepted somewhere else for publication.

We pay $50/story, upon publication in the quarterly issue.  Payment will be issued via PayPal, and the writer may be responsible for any associated fees if applicable.  

If you choose to make a donation to SmokeLong using the tip jar feature, thank you! Your contribution will help the journal remain a paying market. While it will not influence our decision regarding your submission, it will influence our love for you. 

You Need to Know:
SmokeLong publishes flash fiction up to 1000 words. We do not consider poetry or non-fiction.

Please send ONE previously unpublished story at a time and wait until you hear from us to send another. 

Include a print-ready, third-person bio with your cover letter.

Our guest editors read blind, so please do not include your name or other identifying information anywhere on the story document itself.

We pay $50/story, upon publication in the quarterly issue. Payment will be issued via PayPal, and the writer may be responsible for any associated fees if applicable.

Online Rights: If we publish your work, we require exclusive electronic rights to it for 3 months and non-exclusive rights indefinitely so we can include it in our online archives.

Print Rights: We require non-exclusive print rights, for potential annual anthologies and promotional materials. All other rights remain yours.

More Stuff You Might Want to Know Before Submitting:

The SLQ aesthetic remains an ever-changing, ever-elusive set of principles, but it most likely has to do with these kinds of things:

* language that surprises
* narratives that strive toward something other than a final punch line or twist
* pieces that add up to something, often (but not necessarily always) meaning or emotional resonance
* honest work that feels as if it has far more purpose than a writer wanting to write a story

We publish one story each week as SmokeLong Weekly, chosen by guest editors or our own editors during the Editor's Choice weeks. We also publish spring, summer, fall and winter quarterly issues. The quarterly issue includes the weekly stories as well as bonus stories chosen by our staff and interviews.

Although our weekly stories are chosen by different editors, you may NOT submit the same story with each new week. Our staff reads all submissions, and we will -- unfortunately -- have to disqualify resubmitted stories from consideration.

Our intent is to respond as quickly as possible. Please allow us up to four weeks to inform you if we have accepted your work for publication. You will usually hear from us much sooner. (Note: Our emails sometimes get caught by spam filters, so please add "" to your allow list. We also can't respond to any third-party spam filter programs, so please don't submit to us with an email address that has that kind of security set up.)

We gladly consider simultaneous submissions. Please inform us immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere for publication.

Finally, if you appreciate what SmokeLong does to further the form of flash fiction, please consider making a donation through the tip jar feature. Although we don't charge our readers to subscribe or our potential contributors to submit, we are a paying market. A tip jar donation is an appreciated thumbs-up, and we are so grateful for your donation. Our decision regarding your submission is, however, in no way influenced by whether or not you donate.

We look forward to your words.

SmokeLong publishes essays on flash fiction on our blog. Essays will be considered for the Flash in the Classroom, Why Flash Fiction? and Flash, Back series, but we also consider craft essays and flash fiction collection Reviews

The Why Flash Fiction? series explores what draws flash fiction writers and editors to the form. Send us your essays about the first time you wrote a piece of flash, why flash resonates with you, your favorite piece by another writer, your experience writing a particular published flash piece, or any other topic that broadly answers the question "Why do you write flash?" We normally do not publish essays that exceed 2000 words. Read our past essays on flash (which can be found on the blog!) to get a better idea of what we’re looking for.

Our Flash, Back series asks writers to discuss flash fiction that may be obscure or printed before the term “flash fiction”  became popular, and tell us how these older or not-widely-known works are meaningful. 

The Flash in the Classroom series invites creative writing instructors to discuss how they use flash fiction in their classrooms with the aim of inspiring other creative writing instructors around the world. 

Submit pitches for essays or a completed draft. If a pitch is accepted, we request that you submit the full, polished essay within six weeks of acceptance.

Book Reviews

SmokeLong is interested in reviewing flash fiction collections from emerging writers, famous authors, independent presses, big publishing houses, and everything in between. Authors and publicists are welcome to submit queries and/or books for consideration through our Submittable portal. If you are a reviewer, please submit a completed review or query letter detailing your interests and qualifications as a flash fiction reviewer.

Please note there is no monetary payment at this time for essays, reviews, or other items published on our blog.

 Il  faut savoir :
SmokeLong  publie des micronouvelles allant jusqu’à 1000 mots. Pour le projet du Global Flash les textes sont limités à 600 mots. Nous n’acceptons ni la poésie ni  la non-fiction.   Le but de cette série est de présenter des écrivain(e)s francophones qui sont publié(e)s en français et dont les écrits ne seraient pas autrement  accessibles aux lecteurs anglophones. 

SVP envoyez UNE micronouvelle inédite et attendez notre réponse avant de nous  envoyer la prochaine.

Avec votre lettre d’accompagnement, incluez une brève biographie (rédigée à la 3ème  personne et prête à être publier).

Quand nous avons des rédacteurs invitées, ils évaluent les textes à l’aveugle. Alors  veuillez donc ne pas inclure votre nom ni d’autres informations vous  identifiants dans le texte lui-même.  

Nous ne sommes pas en mesure de rémunérer les auteurs, mais nous sommes éternellement  dévoués à tous les écrivains que nous publions.

Droits d’auteur en ligne:  Si nous publions votre nouvelle, nous exigeons des droits exclusifs  électroniques pendant 3 mois et des droits non-exclusifs pour une durée  illimitée pour que nous puissions inclure le texte dans nos archives en ligne.  

Droits  d’auteur relatif au format imprimé: Nous exigeons des doits non-exclusifs  relatifs au format imprimé pour d’éventuels anthologies ou du matériel  promotionnel. Tous les autres droits restent à l’auteur.

SmokeLong Quarterly veröffentlicht Kurzgeschichten bis zu 1000 Wörter. Für den Global Flash Feature haben wir dies auf 600 Wörter beschränkt. Bitte senden Sie uns EINE noch nicht veröffentlichte Geschichte und warten Sie auf unsere Rückmeldung.

Eine kurze Beschreibung über sich selbst könnten Sie zum Deckbrief beifügen, bitte aber KEINE persönliche Informationen im Story Dokument einfügen, da die Auswahl der Geschichte vom Gastleser anonym erfolgt.

Elektronische Rechte:
Falls wir Ihre Arbeit veröffentlichen, fordern wir exklusive elektronische Rechte für drei Monate und weiterhin das unbefristete nicht-exklusive Recht die Geschichte in unseres Archiv aufzunehmen.

Wir fordern nicht-exklusive Rechte für potentielle jährliche Sammlungen und Werbematerial. Alle weitere Rechte bleiben Ihnen vorbehalten.  

This category is for flash fiction and art for children under the age of 12. A parent or guardian must submit the child's work with permission for us to publish it.


  • Stories, art or a combination  of such must have been conceived of and written by someone under the age  of 12. However, we ask that an adult over the age of 18 please  submit this work to us with permission to publish it online.
  • Whenever possible, we would like to see a  photograph of the writing itself (scrawls, misspellings, colors and  all). Where necessary, the parent or guardian can also provide a  "translation" for us!
  • Please send all attachments--including photos of your child-- as .jpg files.
  • Please include a short bio as a document and photo of the child as separate jpeg. (If you prefer us not to use  the child's full name or photo, that's fine, too—just let us know.)
  • Stories we select will be published on SmokeLong Quarterly's blog. They will not be included in the quarterly issue.
  • If your child's story is accepted for publication, please wait three months before submitting again. 
  • We understand that the line between poetry and prose is faint when it comes to children's art, but please keep in mind that SmokeLong Quarterly does not publish poetry. 
  • There is no monetary payment for Fridge Flash stories.

Please note that SLQ does NOT accept general art submissions. This category is only for solicited pieces from artists we regularly work with. If you are an artist working with us on a specific story, you can upload it here. Unsolicited art will not be considered or responded to here.

If you are interested in contributing art to future issues of SmokeLong, please contact us at with your bio and link to any web sites, etc. (Please do not send attachments unless they are solicited.)
SmokeLong Quarterly