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This form is for ONE entry. If you'd like to enter two or more stories, please see the other forms. 

The grand prize winner of The Smokey is automatically nominated for The Best Small Fictions, The Pushcart, Best of the Net, and any other prize we deem appropriate. In addition to all this love, we will also pay the grand prize winner $2500. Second place: $1000. Third place $500. Finalists: $100. All finalists and placers will be published in the special competition issue in December 2022.


  • Open to anyone on the planet aged 18+.
  • Your entry must be previously unpublished. Having appeared on a personal blog does not qualify as published.
  • You may write in English or in any other language as long as an English translation accompanies your entry. Our decision will be based on the English translation. Winnings, if any, will be split evenly between the translator and author.
  • Your entry must be 1000 words or fewer, excluding the title. There is no minimum word count requirement.
  • This competition is for fiction. As long as the narrative reads like fiction, we will not pry. 
  • You may enter as many times as you like, but an entry fee must accompany each entry. If you are submitting multiple entries at the same time, they must all be in the same document.
  • Your name must NOT appear on the entry itself. This includes the filename, headers and footers. Your name and contact information should appear ONLY in the cover letter, which is not visible to the judges.
  • Payment, if any, will be made through Paypal. 


SmokeLong competitions are judged by the SmokeLong editors. We do not employ a guest judge. Our process is similar to our general submissions workflow. We send rejections as soon as we can so that your work is not tied up for the entire competition entry period. This means you will receive a response within about a week if we have decided to decline the entry. If we are taking longer than one week, this is a great sign.

Entry Fees:

August 1-October 2:

One Entry: $12
Two Entries: $16
Up to Four Entries: $30

October 3-November 15

One Entry: $14
Two Entries: $18
Up to Four Entries: $32

If you are unable to pay an entry fee, please let us know (editor@smokelong.com).

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.