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Use this form to enter up to TWO micros (400 words or fewer each, both in the same document) in The SmokeLong Quarterly Grand Micro Competition. If you would like to enter more than two micros, please see the appropriate competition entry form.

In December 2023 SmokeLong Quarterly will publish a double issue, which will include the finalists and winners in this competition alongside our usual flash narratives.

The Judging

All entries are read blind by the SmokeLong editors. You must remove all identifying information from the story document itself. Please make sure you remove your name from the page number heading and the filename as well. Your name should appear ONLY in your cover letter, which the judges will not see.

We make every effort to reply as quickly as possible, even during competitions. This means you will probably receive a reply within two weeks if we have decided to pass on your entries. If we are taking longer than two weeks, be encouraged. This means that at least one of your stories has made it through the first round of judging. Due to the blind nature of the judging process we are not able to communicate regarding which micro we are still considering.

The Guidelines

  • Word Count: 400 words or fewer for each micro (excluding the title). Put both micros in the same document.
  • Languages: English or any other language accompanied by an English translation. The story will be judged on the English text. Exceptionally this year, we are considering previously published work, so please feel free, if you are a translator, to seek out those exceptional micros from around the world--with the author's permission of course. Translator and author will split the prize money equally. 
  • Previously published as well as previously unpublished work will be considered. Please do not indicate where the micro was published if you are entering a published micro. We do our best to read blind though we  understand that previously published work might be immediately recognized. If judges know who wrote the piece, those judges will recuse themselves. 
  • The competition is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. 
  • Fiction, non-fiction, and hybrid narratives are considered.
  • The line between prose and poetry is often blurry, but please take into consideration that SmokeLong does not consider poetry. 
  • Please use a legible, dark font. Single-spacing is fine.
  • Simultaneous submissions are considered, but we ask that you withdraw a single entry immediately if it has been accepted elsewhere. If you have entered two narratives, please send a message to us indicating which micro is no longer available. We will see this message only at the end of the judging process, but at least we will have been informed.
  • Micros published in SmokeLong are not eligible.

The Prizes

   Grand Prize: $1500
  Second Place: $500
  Third Place: $300
  Finalists: $100
  All the above will be published in the December 2023 issue of SmokeLong Quarterly.
  A long list and a shortlist will be announced. All entrants will receive a response.

Before You Enter

If you're new to the micro narrative, why not take a few minutes to explore the journals that publish them? You can start with SmokeLong HERE.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.